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Hummer Camera Car

Process Trailer: 20' 24' 26'

Motorcycle Tow

Camera Cars Unlimited – Contact Information

Should you need assistance of any kind, the Camera Cars Unlimited team is standing by to assist.  As industry leaders in camera car rentals and other production services, you can count on us to simplify your search for the best solution to your requirements.  Camera Cars Unlimited features a diverse array of top solutions for various applications, ensuring you can save time in your search for essential equipment.

Our products include the following:

  • Traditional Camera Car
  • Crane Ready Camera Car
  • 4x4 Camera Car
  • Hummer Camera Car
  • Electric Polaris Camera Car
  • Tow Dollies
  • Motorcycle Tow
  • Insert Cars

In addition to our line of premium tow dollies, off road camera cars, 4x4 camera cars, and other products, we feature a team of highly trained drivers with the highest credentials.  Our drivers are highly experienced professionals, who adhere to the highest safety standards throughout the production.

For more information about our camera cars, crane ready, H1 Hummer, electric camera cars, or other products, please contact Camera Cars Unlimited. 

Camera Cars Unlimited Contact Information:
Lee Nashold, President
Office Telephone: (818) 889-9903
Pager Number: (818) 587-7249
Fax Number: (818) 889-4970